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Our story

In 1942, Charles and Clara Gilmore moved from Youngstown to Warren with their three children and opened Gilmore’s Florist. Charles passed away shortly after and much of the responsibility of operating the business fell to his 16-year-old son, Robert. “Bob” embraced his new role, even getting excused from school to help his mother at work. In 1967, the floral shop closed to make way for expanding greenhouse and landscaping departments, which later separated.


Bob continued his father’s legacy at the greenhouse forming Gilmore’s Greenhouse with his wife, Norma, and their eight children. He quickly became a master of knowledge and trends in the industry, fostering a love for plants in his children and grandchildren. 


Today, Bob’s children Jennifer, John (pictured above) and Jamie run the business with the help of many family members and dedicated employees. The greenhouse continues to be a family gathering spot. While exploring the greenhouse, you may even see fifth generation Gilmore children running around.



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